Real estate development

The company creates residential resorts and commercial malls for the purpose of selling and renting and includes previous experience in many businesses, including (Rehab October City - Family Land - Family Mall - Rehab Mall - Family Land Mall).


Project management and partnership agreements

The company with its long experience in the field of real estate development provides partnership agreements with land owners to provide administrative experience, economic construction, feasibility and marketing studies in real estate projects by participating in exchange for a share agreed between the two parties.

Contracting and finishing works

The company carries out integrated contracting and finishing works for projects, residential units, and commercial units at the highest level, with a ten-year warranty on the concrete structure and a full year on finishes with the provision of after-sales service as well as providing payment facilities through a technical office at the highest level and a team of technical engineers, contractors, and suppliers supervised by Quality control department of the company.